Thursday, 15 March 2012

What we did!!! (3): One support No Spinning Techniques (O Soto Gari, O Uchi Gari, Ko Soto Gake, Ko Uchi Gake)

Hello people!!! :D

Last week we had the chance to practice some new take downs. Each technique we could see had some characteristics in common, first one they were executed with one leg to support our weight (some ocassions you can put both legs on the ground to throw) and the second it's you didn't have to spin (longitudinal axis). Summarizing:
  1. One support leg
  2. No spin
In those techniques the goal was hooking one of my opponent's leg to throw him over his back. According to this (depending on waht leg you are takin off) we did 4 different techniques:
  1. O Soto Gari: Out and cross leg
  2. O Uchi Gari: In and opposite leg
  3. Ko Uchi Gake: In and cross leg
  4. Ko Soto Gake: Out and opposite leg
I think you will be able to see better what a I mean in the picture beside :)
After clarify these points, I woul like you to see some videos os these great techniques so you can have a wider idea about how they can be executed.

O SOTO GARI: Out and cross leg and O UCHI GARI: In and opposite leg
I'm putting both together because the next video is starred by Teddy Riner (5 times World Champion). This amazing heavyweight is a good example of how to use your legs to throw your opponents.

In this compilation you will see not only this throws, hava a look and let´s see if you are capable to recognise which ones are those we trained last week :)

Teddy Riner's Video
KO SOTO GAKE: Out and Opposite leg

To illustrate this take down I have chosen this amazing compilation where you can find a couple of amazing Ko Soto's. Enjoy it!!!

Zantaraia's Video
KO UCHI GAKE: In and Cross leg

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  1. Hello,

    Very explaining picture, but it says "o uchi gari" where it should say "o soto gari"