Thursday, 8 March 2012

WHAT WE DID!!! (2): Positions

Hi guys!!! :D

After everything we did last session I asked you to learn some easy things, can you remember?
If you can't, here you have this post to ensure you can understand every detail about what we practiced.

In Judo, we have two diferent BASIC positions, RIGHT and LEFT.
If you are right handed you will tend to keep your right leg forward and just the opposite thing if you are left handed. Be careful, because when I am talking about right and left I mean just the position not the side where you can execute your techniques. One example, you could have a right handed stance gripping your opponent's right lapel however you could do a left drop seoi nague. They are different topics... related but different. In this post we will talk just about your position/stance so don't get confuse.

According to this, we can find three different scenarios to analyze a contest:
  1. A is RIGHT and B is RIGHT (Same position)
  2. A is LEFT and B is LEFT (Same position)
  3. A is RIGHT and B is LEFT (Opposite position)
We'll call Symmetric situation the the two firsts (Same position R/R or L/L) and Asymmetric situation the last one (Opposite Situation R/L)
This is very important to know because depending on the situation we stay we must give differents responses to achieve our goal.

Now I'll put some videos and images to ilustrate what I'm trying to explain, click the pictures to watch the video (finish it because there is always an ippon in the end) :D

SYMMETRIC (The same position):



ASYMMETRIC (Opposite position):

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