Thursday, 1 March 2012

WHAT WE DID!!! (1): Groundwork

Hi guys!!!
This the first post of many to come about what we did in previous lessons. The goal is giving you different support and guidance to help you understanding everything we are doing in the club. Everyweek I'll try and put videos and different stuff related with the contents that were or/and will be thaught in class. This way I hope to make you think a little more about Judo in general and the way we are working.
So the first instalment comes with what we have been seing these last weeks. Please have a look, the videos are about:
  1. Groundwork (Ne Waza): between the legs, how to attack, how to defend...
  2. How to get a transition from Standing Judo (Tachi Waza) to Ground Judo (Ne Waza)
  3. How to take advantage of that transition to apply a Turnover
Can you remember? whether if you can or not have a look I know you'll like it and you can understand better what we're a doing :D
The two first two videos are from Craig Fallon (-60 Kg), great Judo player from UK who was World Champion in 2005, here you can see his favourite turnover, can you find it familiar? :D
These ones are courtesy of Ole Bischof (-81 Kg) from Germany, fantastic Judoka and competitor, very good at groundwork and Olympic Champion in Beijing 2008. Pay attention how he always tries to go for the same turnoover taking advantage of the transition even provoking it.

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