Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Judo Rules to do a JUDO MATCH, LET'S FIGHT!!!

I'm sure you know how to play football, basketball, rugby...you know their rules, but do you know how to do a Judo Match??? NO? you don't!!! so the first thing to fight is take a look at the basic rules, they are so easy.

If you have red my last post "5 ways to win a Judo match", you already know what it's your goal to win. Now you have to learn these new japanese words:
  • Hajime: Start
  • Mate: Stop
  • Ippon: Full point score, if you get an Ippon you win, so the fight is over.
  • Waza-Ari: Half point score. The fight isn't over.
  • Waza Ari Awasete Ippon: 2 Waza-Ari equal and Ippon, and you win.
  • Yuko!: The lowest score. They aren't acumulative.
  • Shido: penalty, if you get 2 shido is aYuko for you opponent, 3 a Waza Ari, 4 an Ippon, consequently, he wins.
  • Osaekomi: The hold down has just started.
  • Toketa: The hold down is over.
  • Sore Made: The time is over. End of match.
So easy, isn't it? Now you already have what you need to do a Judo Match, LET'S FIGHT!!!!

By the way, here you have an example of very short Judo Match (only some seconds) where Howey from Great Britain beats the Japanese Ueno to get the Bronze Medal in the Judo World Championships at Birmingham 1999. The technique that she used isn't allowed in the new Judo rules (you cannot grab the legs directly), but it's still a massive throw.

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