Friday, 25 November 2011


Hi friends!!!
Today I would like tell you about the Judo roll. Most of you may not usually call this skill by this name, and that may be because it isn't an specific skill in our sport, actually you can see it in many different scenarios (free running, another martial arts, etc).
This roll is different from another ones, because we don't put our head in contact with the floor, allowing us to protect it. The only thing you have to do is rolling over your shoulder instead of your head.
There are many techniques in judo where we have to spin and roll, falling over our opponent to get a good throw and consequently the ippon. This movement is very similar to the Judo roll so practicing this skill is going to help us to do it.
Another reason to learn it, is the fact that in Judo is not permitted head dive in order to avoid neck injuries, this make this kind of roll a must in our sport.
Now, I'm leaving you a video that explains so good how to do it. It's from Parkour World Champion, Ryan Doyle, and I liked it because he explains very well the concept of this skill.

Ok, Have you liked it??? I bet you have :)
Now I'd like to finish with a quote, just to think about it:

"En Judo no se cae, te tiran", translated to English as "In Judo, you don't fall, you are throwed". 

This was said by the Great Judo Master in Spain, Jose Luis de Frutos (5º Montreal 76).
What I mean is that althought I'm encouraging you to practice all this funny rolls, falls and gymnastics skills, we should spend only the right time on them, no more. We are JUDOKAS, so we must do JUDO.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming that agility is not important in our sport, of course it is, but being a great gymnast is not going to make you become an Olympic Champion.

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