Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Hello everybody!!! How are you?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of explaining some very well known Judo techniques at the Judo session in Scotswood Sports & Social Centre, their names?
O Goshi (for children Girlfriend's technique) and Koshi Guruma (Friend's technique).
These techniques are 2 support legs skills, with a limited grip.
Maybe some people is wondering "What does it mean?" It is very easy:
  • 2 support legs: both feet on the ground, we don't have to put any leg in the air, as it happens with another techniques.
  • Limited grip: this means that one of the grips is always on the posterior side of the upper body (back, neck, belt, etc), this fact (the arm position) makes that the spin to do throw is a little limited (tight, restricted), that is why we are calling this concept that way.
In these techniques always use our hip to help us to throw our opponent and the back grip make them very strong skills.

Now I am going to show you some differents videos where you will watch the proper execution of these skills and the different variations that you could do, as well as examples in competition.

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  1. I would like you to take a look at how Koga (in the second video) get his right leg inside his opponet's legs and then he steps back with his left to get an incredible lifting action with his hip.
    Another detail is the way he goes on with the movement, he never stops to stand, he take advantage of his body weight and all the momentum that he gets with this movement to roll over him. Look, as well, that he always spin at the end, to get his partner's back on the ground, finishing, of course with a stunning ippon. :)